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Please feel free to customize the services you desire for your building. Certain services have an option to select "Upon Request". If you choose this option, the prices will be included separately for your convenience. All other services will be included in the monthly price.

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General Information
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Work to be Performed
General Cleaning
(number of offices)
Empty All Waste Receptacles
Dust Tops of Desks, Furniture and Cabinets
Dust Pictures and Wall Hangings
Dust Partitioners
Spot-clean Doors and Light Switches
Spot-clean Walls
Polish or clean Kick Plates and Handrails
Periodic General Cleaning
Replace Burned-out Bulbs or Lighting
(extra charge for bulbs)
Yes No
Dust or clean A/C Vents
Yes No
Wash Dishes (extra charge)
Wipe Down Chairs & Tables
Clean Microwave Inside & Out
How Many?
Clean Exterior Of Refrigerator
How Many?
Clean Inside Of Refrigerator (extra charge)
Clean And Polish Sinks
How Many?
Floor Maintenance
Vacuum Carpeting
Dust-mop or sweep Hard Surface Floors
Dust-mop or sweep Stairs and Landings
Damp-mop or Spot-mop Floors
Spot-clean Carpet
Surface Scrub Carpet (extra charge)
Scrub and Wax Resilient Floors
Strip, Seal and Wax Resilient Floors
Shampoo and/or Extract Carpeting
Clean and Sanitize Sink and Fixtures
How Many?
Clean Mirrors and Bright Work
How Many?
Clean and Sanitize Toilets and Urinals
How Many?
Empty Trash and Waste Containers
Yes No
Spot Clean Partitions and Walls
How Many?
Clean And Polish Showers (extra charge)
How Many?
Sweep and damp-mop Floors
Refill Dispensers (Paper, Soap, Etc.)
Please select who you want to
provide the supplies.
Exterior Maintenance
Sweep Walks and Entranceway
Yes No
Empty and Damp-wipe Ash Trays & Urns
Clean All Glass Doors

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